Cleaning & De stone Machine


Sieve and stone cleaning combination machine and advanced concept of stone removing structure design and difference of different species gravity. It is used in cleaning the sand, stone, clod, and other impurities which are heavier than grains in the paddy, rice, wheat and millet. It has an evident effect for the cleaning of the sand of which the size is similar with the grains.
Its working principle is to remove sand, clod, brick fragment and so on with the gravity between grains granules and the impurities, such as sand, clod, brick fragment and so on. It adopts wind power and mechanical movement mode to remove sand, clod and brick fragment.

Capacity 1,000kg/h
Power 1.5kw
Weight 150kg
Voltage 380V/220v,50HZ,3phase
Size 1200*800*1400mm

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Cleaning and De-stone Machine