Briquettes Machines Line

Briquette Machine Lines

Crusher Machine

Capacity: 500-600 kg/h

Motor: 18.5kw

Weight: 650kg

Function: crush wood chips to sawdust powder

Dimension: 1600*1800*1500mm

Note: Crush sawdust


Extrude Machine

Capacity: 150-200kg/h

Weight: 350kg

Function: Make Biomass briquettes

Humidity of raw: 10%-15%

Size: 1700*660*1500mm



Briquette Diameter: 4”*4”

Rounded : 4”

Center Hole: 1” ( 2molds)



Capacity: 100-150kg/h

Weight: 600kg

Humidity: input – 30%-50%

                 Output: 10%-15%

Size: 3000*500*1800mm

Function: dryer the raw

Material: Corn Stalk powder, or sawdust or another agriculture powder