Abaca Processing Line

Abaca Processing Lines

  1. Automatic Decorticator Machine

Work Principle:

The raw material is sent to the blade drum by the feeding device. The high speed spinning blade drum and fixed blades break the raw material and separate the fiber and residue. The fiber separated from the residue will drop on the conveyor bell for the next process.

  • High Capacity
  • Low labor intensity
  • low cost to have high quality fiber

Suitable for: Sisal, Banana Stem, Jute, Pineapple Leaf, Hemp, Ramie and so on.


Outer Diameter of Blade Drum: 440mm

Motor Power: 7.5kw

Production Capacity: Fresh leaf

  • 2t/h
  • 1t/h

Dimension: 3100*1250*1310 mm


2.  Fiber De-watering and Cleaning Machine

Work Principle:

Fibers from the decorticator gets sprayed by the machine at first, and sent to the de watering device for removing most of the water. And then the fiber will sent to the polishing section automatically. Being flapped by the high-speed rotating rollers, the impurities on the fiber would removed. The clean fiber can be collected for the next process.


  • High efficiency
  • Less manpower
  • less construction area


Power: 2.2kw+2.2kw +1.5kw

Dimension: 6900*1240*1427 mm

Production Capacity: 4t/h


3. Combing Machine

Working Principle:

Combing machine combs the fiber with high speed rotating comb drum where there are staggered steel pins. When the machine is running, the steel pins comb raw fiber into straight and removed the adherent impurity away.


Combing Machine is widely used in processing natural fiber, such as sisal fiber, jute, banana fiber,hemp fiber, kenaf fiber, ramie fiber and so on.


Diameter of comb Drum: 1200 mm

Length of Comb Drum: 495 mm

Rotating Speed of Comb Drum: 510r/min

Power: 4kw

4. Fiber Baling Machine

Work Principle

This machine mainly consists of the hydraulic system, oil tank, press head, safety valve, and control system. It features the characters of compact structure, durable material, reasonable cost, easy to operate, safety so on. It is a preferred machine for various of fiber packing.


Used for compressing and baling different kinds of fiber. With the features of high efficiency, low labor intensity, less manpower, less transportation cost, it is good  assistant for fiber processing industries.


Power: 15kw

Norminal Pressure: 100 ton