Coffee Beans Color Sorter Machine

Including coffee bean color sorter. We use Japan SMC high quality separate ejector and other parts like filters and Rodless cylinder, CCD camera is Toshiba original, it is 5000 pixel, true color,  more sensitive. Moreover, our color sorting software are so advanced, can do this coffee bean sorting very exact and very easy.   For […]

Coffee Cleaner

A utility model intended to uncover Coffee Shells and Coats as preparation for the next Coffee Processing.

Coffee Grinder

Capacity: 20-40kg/h Power: 1.5Kw(380V) 1.8Kw(220V) Fineness:50-200 mesh Dimensions: 650x300x450mm Net weight:40kg Stainless steel making Note: Delivery charge not included but we provide fast delivery. MADE to ORDER Call or text for more info. Sun: 09237333054 Globe: 09172067707 Smart: 09985441175

Coffee Huller with Sifter

A machine unit used for uncovering Coffee Shells and Coats as preparation for the next Coffee Processing

Coffee Pulper

A utility model intended for Pulping or Cracking Coffee Beans to save time for easy drying that will result to fast production.

Coffee Roaster

DIGITAL HOT AIR ROASTER Model No.1 Fluidized bed, fully automatic LPG fired Digital read out Rated capacity: 1 Kg batch for 10 min Roasts beans up to 10% MC Voltage: 220V, 60Hz Power: 205W       Gas: 0.3 Kg/Hr Dimension: 860x600x960 mm Weight: 78 Kg Dust-collector: 320x250x1200 mm Weight: 18 Kg   Model No.2 Capacity:  25-30 kgs […]

Coffee Sheller/Pulper

A machine unit used for shelling fresh cacao beans and winnowing it into bits at minimum size.