All Purpose Food Mixer

A machine unit used for mixing different kinds of foods wet or dry goods, to make one output or more.


Name: Deck oven Specification: 3 layers 12 trays gas deck oven Energy: Gas Voltage: 220V/50Hz Power: 0.4kw Dimension: 1740*1270*1950mm Chamber size: 1250*830*230mm Capacity: 12 trays Name: Dough mixer  Dimension: 1110*700*1200mm Voltage:380V/50Hz Powder weight: 50kg Bowl capacity: 130L Name: dough roller Size: 1130*610*1160mm Thickness: 8-25mm Width: less than 350mm Productivity: 700 Voltage: 220V/50Hz Power: 3kw

Bread Slicing Machine

A machine unit used for slicing and cutting different kinds of bread for faster production and smooth outcome

Crepe Maker Machine

A machine unit used for making different types of crepe with fine, desirable and delicious output


CRUNCHY EGG ROLL MACHINE APPLICATION: EGG ROLL, WAFER ROLL, PHILIPPINE BARQUILLOS Main Feature High degree of automation, automatic in filling, closing and opening. Multipurpose, it can be used to make egg roll, waffle roll, ice cream cone. 8 heating pans, high 8 times output than small machines. Adjustable in paste filling amount and temperature, both […]

Dough Divider

A machine unit used for dough preparation by means of subduing every parts of dough in necessary division

Dough Press Machine

A machine unit used for compressing dough by means of pressing in a desirable thickness

Dough Sheeter

A machine unit used for flattening dough in desirable thickness

Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven

A machine unit used for cooking or heating pizza dough in desirable output