Pulverizer / Grinder

Pulverizer or grinder for Wet and Dry Wet Grinder for Cassava specs: Material: 304 stainless steel Raw material: wet cassava Capacity: 20-100kg/h Size of input granules: less than 20mm Size of output granules: 10-120 mesh Main running speed: 7000 rpm Power: 2.2kw Weight: 100 kg Size: 695*680*715 mm Voltage: 220v,60Hz, 3 phase

Rotary Dryer

Corn Dryer Capacity: 1 ton/h Power: 4Kw Gradient: 3-5% Rotation speed: 3-8 rpm Inlet temperature: ≤700℃ Dimensions: Ф800x8000mm Weight: 3500kg Specially designed lifting flights to maximize heat transfer between the material and hot gas stream

Rotary Type Cacao Bean Roaster

A machine unit used for roasting cacao beans to smoothen the hard area as preparation for the next process.

Screw Conveyor

A conveyor consisting of a helical screw that rotates upon a single shaft within a stationary through or casing, and which can move bulk material along a horizontal, inclined, or vertical plane. Also known as auger conveyor; spiral conveyor; worm conveyor.

Shredder Machine with Chipper

Specs: Dimension: 770*450*1130 cm Weight: 70kgEngine Type: OHV Air Cooled Gasoline Engine Power: 6.5 H.P Rotational Frequency: 3600rpm Displacement: 196cc Fuel: Unleaded Gasoline Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.6 L Fuel Consumption: 0.6 L/hr Engine Oil: 10w30 Ignition System: CDI Starting System: Recoil Start Bar Screen: 1.25″ interval bar Dry Screen: 1″ dia steel bar Capacity: 250-500 […]

Spiral Potato Slicer

A machine unit used for slicing raw goods such as; carrots, onions and mainly the potato gives a spiral outlook for beautification.

Stone Jaw Crushing Machine

Specs: Stone Crusher Feed Inlet Size:250*400 mm Capacity:5-20 tons/h Required Power: 15 kw Max material size: 210 mm Inlet adjustable range: 20-60 mm Axle rotate speed: 300 rpm Weight: 2.8 tons Dimension: 1300*1090*1270 mm Voltage: 220v,60Hz

Taro Chipper

A machine unit used for chipping different type of goods. It is designed to cut and make a chip shape for Taro but it can also cut other fruits and vegetables according to your need.

Tractors with Cab (4WD)

40 – 130 HP Tractors with Cab 40Hp,4WD tractor with cab 50Hp,4WD tractor with cab 60Hp, 4WD tractor with cab 80Hp,4WD tractor with cab 90Hp, 4WD tractor with cab 100Hp,4WD tractor with cab 120Hp, 4WD tractor with cab 130Hp,4WD tractor with cab Please note: All tractors can choose front end loader, backhoe, disc plough, Disc […]