Multi purpose Crusher

A machine unit used for crushing with a different kinds of stalks, banana trunk, leaves and other related products. Can also be used for waste products or decomposing.

Multi purpose Grinder

Grinder for peanut, cacao and coffee beans for coffee powder.

Mung Bean Thresher

Description It’s main used for threshing of  mung bean.  It can be driven by diesel to set on the tractor, also can be driven by the electric motor according to your needs, easy use high efficiency working. Capacity: 700-1000kg/h Power: 6HP diesel engine Broken rate: ≤1.5% Loss rate: ≤1.5% Dimension:1210*800*1300mm Weight: 100kg This machine is suit for home use another kind of model The machine can use for soybean, mung bean, millet, rice, sorghum,wheat. Capacity: 300-400 kg/hr Motor: 2.2 kw  


This machine is applied for removing coconut fiber from the shell, it consists with machine frame, stripping peel roller, speed reducer, hopper, bucket for coconut skin. Old coconut into the machine, fall off the peel of coconut after a special stripping coconut peel roller and then the peel f coconut discharge from bucket ,coconut from the […]

Packing Machine

A machine unit used for packing goods and other items such as powder, solid products, agricultural products and many more.

Peanut Peeler Machine

Description: This  peanut peeling machine is comprised of peanut peeling part,machine frame,peanut skin suction part .It use emery rolls to get rid of the peanut skin, It has stable performance and high reliability ,long life ,high peeling off rate ,high production,low break rate、excellent quality .Can be multiple sets combination use , suitable for processing variety […]

Peanut Sheller

A machine unit used for shelling peanut and removing coats to get the final products. A machine for faster production.

Pelletizer Machine

A machine unit used for creating pellets, a heavy duty unit that can continuosly produce products efficiently and with quality.

Poultry Plucker

That can remove feathers from chicken, ducks, goose, Specs: Capacity: 8 kg/min Removal Rate: 0.9 Net Weight: 45kg Motor Speed: 1400r/min Barrel Diameter: 500 mm Size: 55*60*95 cm Power: 1500w Voltage: 220v/50hz