Abaca Processing Line

Abaca Processing Lines Automatic Decorticator Machine Work Principle: The raw material is sent to the blade drum by the feeding device. The high speed spinning blade drum and fixed blades break the raw material and separate the fiber and residue. The fiber separated from the residue will drop on the conveyor bell for the next […]

Automatic Block Machine Maker

Automatic Hollow Block Machine Maker Multi function:The concrete hollow block making machine price can make various hollow block solid brick by changing moulds. The block shape and size can be made as your requests. Easy operation:B Concrete hollow block making machine price does need installation,after connecting with power,you can use it directly. Specs and Parts: […]

Banana Chipper

A machine unit used for chipping different type of goods. It is designed to cut and make a chip shape for Banana but it can also cut other fruits and vegetables according to your need.

Banana Chipping Machine

All purpose chipping machine. It can chip cassava, potato, taro root and other related root crop products.

Boring and Honing

This machine is mainly used for maintaining the cylinder of motorcycle, etc. Place the cylinder to be bored under the base plate or on the plane of the base of the machine after the center of the cylinder hole is determined, and the cylinder is fixed,maintenance of boring and honing can be carried out. The […]

Briquettes Machines Line

Briquette Machine Lines Crusher Machine Capacity: 500-600 kg/h Motor: 18.5kw Weight: 650kg Function: crush wood chips to sawdust powder Dimension: 1600*1800*1500mm Note: Crush sawdust   Extrude Machine Capacity: 150-200kg/h Weight: 350kg Function: Make Biomass briquettes Humidity of raw: 10%-15% Size: 1700*660*1500mm   Molder Briquette Diameter: 4”*4” Rounded : 4” Center Hole: 1” ( 2molds)   […]

Cacao Grinder

A machine unit used for grinding cacao and other related products. Able to powder products.

Cassava Mechanical Planter

Ridging Type Planting rows: 2 Row space: 600 mm Chop length: 19+3/14+3 cm Plant depth: 60-100 mm Productivity: 0.5-0.8 ha/h Fertilizer rate: 270-690 kg/ha Dimension: 1900*2250*2250 mm Weight: 850 kg Motive power: 90-120 H.P

Charcoal Briquette Lines

Charcoal Briquette Lines of 150-200 kg per hour. Process: Crushing —-Mixing—–Extrusion molding—Charcoal Briquette  1. Crusher   Capacity: 200 kg/h Size: 750*780*860 mm Power: 7.5kw Weight: 120 kg 2.   Mixer Rating capacity: 2000L Motor power :4kw Weight: 700kg Size: 1000*1000 mm Mix shove: 2 pcs Grinding wheel: 400*200 mm Rated Speed of main axes: 35rpm […]